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<b>Magnetic Led Power Flares</b>

Magnetic Led Power Flares
Magnetic Led Power Flares 9 in 1 LED Magnetic Electric Flare & Flashlight Wall Outlet and Cigarette Chargers Magnet base attaches to vehicle or metal surface The Rechargeeable Led Power Flares work well and are a great safety and emergency ligh...
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Led Roadside Flares For Car

Led Roadside Flares For Car
led roadside flares 1.Used for Traffic Management, Visual Protection, Emergency Situations, Accidents, Directional Markers and Vehicle Loading/Unloading 2.Bright orange thermoplastic rings with UV-stabilizers 3.360-Degree viewing angle...
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<b>Rechargeable Led Power Flare</b>

Rechargeable Led Power Flare
Rechargeable Led Power Flare Led Power Flare is with 16PCS super bright LED bulbs, working life is more than 100,000 hours; Using high-capacity battery CR123 as power, built-in IC chip control LED flash. Led Power Flare has 9 user-selectable flas...
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<b>6-Pack Rechargeable Led Power Flares Blue</b>

6-Pack Rechargeable Led Power Flares Blue
6-pack rechargeable led power flares blue 1. 16 super bright LEDs are visible up to ½ mile 2. Lighting covers 360 degree direction 3. Push Button ON/OFF Flash Selection Button 4. 9 flashing patterns led power flares...
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LED emergency flares

LED emergency flares
LED emergency flares 1.Led Warning Light 9 modes 2.AAA battery+ led emergency flares 3.16pcs led super bright led 4.SOS (Morse code)+Yellow red blue green...
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