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  • What is led power flares?

    What is led power flares?
    LED power flares are a flameless, non-toxic, battery-powered flares in a crushproof and waterproof enclosure that is illuminated by multiple ultra-bright LED lights. Led power flares is constructed of super high strength plastic including PC, TPE and TPR . with 16PCS super bright LED bulbs, working life is more than 100,000 hours; Using high-capacity battery CR123 as power, built-in IC chip control led flash and 9 user-selectable flash patterns.

    Invented by an American Police Officer, the LED power flares is an essential piece of equipment for first response police, highways agency, fire service and other emergency services. LED power flares is an ideal signal light to identify Road Hazards, Mark Detours, Underwater Repair Applications And More and A great item to keep in your vehicle at all times that can be used to signal for help or identify road hazards and used for police, firefighters, EMTs, rescue services, first responders, members of emergency response teams and the general public and used in cars, trucks, boats, RVs, semi-trucks, construction zones, and emergency response vehicles.
    Why led power flares?

    led road flaresled road flares rechargeable
     led road flares rechargeable 6 pack6 pack rechargeable led road flares red



    • 16 super bright LEDs are visible up to ½ mile
    • Lighting covers 360 degree direction
    • Push Button ON/OFF Flash Selection Button
    • Powerful magnet to attach to metal surfaces
    • Corrosion & crush proof, can be run over with any vehicle on the road
    • Waterproof and submersible to 33 feet
    • 50 hours of use on a full charge and hold a full charger for 6 months
    • Working temp: -40℃ to +100℃ or -40℉ to +212℉
    • Size: 4.25"(11cm) diameter X 1.25"(3.50cm) height
    • 9 flashing patterns including SOS Rescue (Morse Code)


    9 Flash Patterns Operating Time
    Rotate 7 hours
    Quad Flash 7 hours
    Single Blink 50 hours
    Alternating Blinks 7 hours
    S.O.S. (Morse Code) 12 hours
    Steady on - high 4 hours
    Steady on - low 30 hours
    2-LED Flashlight 7 hours
    4-LED Flashlight 5 hours
    Compared to traditional power fares, the led power flares are with below advantages.
    1. Completely waterproof: It even floats! Perfect for boats and watercraft safety, also it is no problem
    working underwater 1/2 mile.
    2. Portable and wide use: Small enough to keep in a saddle bag, tank bag, or even those small underseat storage spaces that most bikes have. It can be used effectively to signal emergency day or night, and in all environmental conditions including adverse conditions like fog and snow.
    3. Superior Visibility: Super bright LED array can be seen for miles at night, but is bright enough to provide you extra protection during the day as well.
    4. 360° Coverage: units clipped to seats, saddlebags or backpacks can provide 360° lighting coverage. Lateral illumination, a common weakness of other emergency lights, is provided.
    5. Easy to use: Press the button for 2 seconds to light it up, and press again for flashing mode.
    6. Durable & Reliable: Traditional road flares burn out in 15 minutes. The led road flares will run for 50 hours continuously. The led road flares never need replacing. Simply replace the batteries. Using batteries with a 10 year shelf life, it withstands extreme temperatures without leaking. They are impact resistant, and can even withstand being run over by a truck.
    7. Reusable & eco-friendly: The led road flares are reusable and replaceable batteries. The led road flares are made of crush proof and corrosion proof durable materials and do not produce flame, smoke, or harmful bi-products. No chemicals to decompose. No corrosion.
    8. Magnet Base: The powerful magnet at the back allows you to place it on the roof, trunk, hood, easy to attached to any metal surface.